Approve or Reject an Estimate

An Estimate can be approved or rejected in 1 of 2 ways: by the Customer via email or by an Employee via the app.

  • Once an Estimate is in "Sent" status, the customer will receive an email similar to this one:


  • If the Customer clicks on the "Review estimate" button in the email, the Estimate will open in a new window, where he/she can view it and either "Approve" or "Reject" it.

  • In some cases, the customer is standing in front of you and is verbally approving it (and thus, doesn't need or want to go through an email approval process). 
  • If so, simply click the "Approve" (green thumbs up icon) at the bottom right of the Estimate:


If the Estimate gets rejected, you are able to edit it and press "Send" again, in order to send the customer a new estimate to approve.