Create, Assign, Schedule a Job

These are steps to create a NEW JOB that is not attached to (created from) an Estimate.

Step 1

From any main screen of the application:

  • Click the (+) sign at the bottom and choose "New Job"



Step 2


On the NEW JOB screen:

  • Select or Create a Customer
  • Assign the Job to an Employee (optional)
  • Schedule the Job by adding "from" and "to" dates in the specified areas (optional)
  • Select the proper Tax Rate for the job
    • Contact your Admin if you do not know or see the proper tax rate in the menu
  • Select or Create a Service and/or Material
  • Notes are optional; however, they may be useful for you in searches of, and future marketing to, your customers

Step 3

  • Click "Save" at the bottom. 

TIP: Creating a Job does not automatically place it into "In Progress" status. Once a new job is created, you will have the options to Start, Pause, and Stop/Complete/Invoice the job.