Create and Send an Estimate

These are steps to create a NEW ESTIMATE (or "quote") to then send for approval from your customer.

Step 1

  • From any main screen of the application:

    • Click the (+) sign at the bottom and choose "New Estimate"


Step 2

On the NEW ESTIMATE screen:

  • Select or Create a Customer
  • Select or Create a Service and/or Material
  • Attach an image or take a new photo (example: image of what's broken)
  • Click "Save" at the bottom


Step 3

  • Once the Estimate has been saved (created), a "Send" button will appear.
  • Click the Send button to send this estimate to the customer's email address, where he/she will be able to approve or reject. 

  • Customer view of Estimate that needs approval:


TIP: Creating an Estimate does not automatically send the estimate to the customer. Once a new estimate is created, you will have the options to Approve, Reject, or Send (via email) the estimate.