Create a Quick Invoice

These are steps to create a NEW INVOICE that is not associated with a particular Job or Estimate.

Step 1

From the HOME screen:

  • Click the QUICK INVOICE orange button

From the INVOICES screen:

  • Click the (+) at the top right

Step 2

On the NEW INVOICE screen:

  • Select a Customer by clicking on the "people" icon to the right of "Customer Information" OR type in the Customer's name if you'd rather not save that particular Customer for future use.
  • Enter the Customer's Email address, if you'd like to send the customer the invoice or receipt.
  • Select a Tax Rate.
  • Select or Create a Service and/or Material.

Step 3

Click "Save" at the top right of the NEW INVOICE screen.


Once the Quick Invoice is saved/created, an invoice number will be auto-generated and a green button will appear for "Invoice."