Create a New Service

New Services can be created from the QUICK INVOICE, JOBS or ESTIMATES detail screens.

New Services can be created while entering details of a Quick Invoice, Job or Estimate. 

Only Admins are able to edit or delete a Service from the Master List (through their More menu). This is why we suggest Admins create any popular and widely-used Services to the Master List, so Employees can simply select it rather than creating a new one.


From the QUICK INVOICE (button on Home), JOBS (clipboard icon) or ESTIMATES (calculator icon) screens:

  • Select or Create a QUICK INVOICE, JOB or ESTIMATE.
  • Select SERVICES in the "Line Items" section. 

  • Click the (+) sign at the top right.  

  • new-service-screen

    Enter the name of the Service. 

  • Enter description of that Service - optional

  • Enter pricing. Choose either an hourly rate or a fixed price for that Service.

  • Choose whether the Service is taxable or non-taxable.
  • Switch the toggle for "Save to services list" to ON, if you'd like to save it to the Master List for the entire Company to use in the future.
  • Select "SAVE" at the top right.