Add or Edit an Employee

Note: Only Admins are able to add and edit Employees.



  • MORE (3-dots icon) → EMPLOYEES


Add an Employee

From the EMPLOYEES screen:

  • Click on the (+) sign at the top right

  • Enter employee's name and email address

  • Use the Admin toggle to give this employee Admin rights
    • By default, this will be toggled OFF
    • If you're unsure whether you want to give Admin rights, see: User Roles & Permissions
  • Click "Save" at the top right
    • The employee will then be added to your EMPLOYEES list showing as "Invited" until the employee joins payup℠.
    • An email, including links and instructions, will be sent (to the email address in the employee’s profile) inviting him/her to join your company on the payup℠ app.

During the sign up process, the employee MUST use the same email address you used to invite him/her, in order to be associated with your company on the app.

Edit an Employee

From the EMPLOYEES screen:

  • Select the employee you would like to edit.

  • On the EDIT EMPLOYEE screen:
    • Edit the employee information and click "Save"