Initial Setup

NOTE: Download payup℠ from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

ADMINS / OWNERS of New Companies:

  1. Select "New Company" from the toggle options.

  2. Become a merchant with payup℠ by entering your name, company name, and email address. Then create a password and click the "Register New Company" button.
  3. When you log in select the banner that says, "Verify your email address...",  after click on this link you will receive an email with a verification code to verify your account. (See screenshots below)
    1. Enter the authorization code in the space provided in the payup℠ app, and click the confirm button at the bottom of the screen.
    2. By taking this necessary step you will safeguard your account and be able to easily reset your password without any additional steps 


    To ensure a smoother user experience for you and your Employees, we highly recommend you take care of a few more settings (See Below):

      1. Fill out the Company fields, including address, phone, and email. This information (excluding email) will appear on all Invoices.
      2. Enter your commonly-used Taxes. By default, only "Non-taxable 0%" is configured.
    To make selections in the app easier for your Employees:
      1. Add any commonly used Services and Materials, including pricing, so your Employees can quickly select them from a master list.
        • If you prefer, you can add Services/Materials as you create an Estimate or Job and then save the items to the master lists at that time. 
      2. Add any Customers that are ongoing relationships, so your Employees can quickly select them from a master list.
        • If you prefer, you can add a Customer as you create an Estimate or Job and then save the Customer to the master list at that time. 
    1. Now you're ready to add your Employees!
      1. You will need the Employee's name and email address.
      2. Adding Employees automatically invites them via email to your company on the payup℠ app. The employee will need to sign up using the email address you used to invite him/her (the app will associate/connect the employee with your company via email address).



    1. You will receive an email invitation from your employer.

    2. Download the payup℠ app, if you haven't already done so.
    3. Click the "Join Existing Company" button.

    1. Sign Up (Join) using the same email address that your employer used to invite you.
      • You will receive a verification code via email.
      • Once you type in the verification code and click the "Confirm" button, you will be logged in. 

    The app will connect you with your employer's company by your email address.

    You will be able to track any jobs to which you're assigned, as well as create new jobs, estimates, and invoices for the company.


    TIP: A link to our App Support and Knowledge Base is located under the MORE > ABOUT section in the app.