Account Application

Things You'll Need

Before we begin an application, let’s make sure you have everything we’ll need.

  1. Signer is majority owner/officer of the business or has a cosigner who brings joint ownership to a minimum of 51%.
  2. Copy of a Voided Check of account where Batch Deposits and Fee Reconciliation will occur.
  3. Supplemental Tax Documents (i.e. Articles of Incorporation, 501(c)(3) Status Registration. etc.)

*Additional documentation for account underwriting purposes may be requested during application process


Account Application

To apply, contact our sales team at or (866) 779 4787 ext. 2 (You’ll get a human, we promise!)

After a quick chat, of our staff members will fit you with a customized pricing structure, and will prepare an application.  The application can be filled and signed by hand, or if you prefer, we have a snazzy electronic app that can be completed and executed right in a browser window (Even on mobile devices!)