Customer Profile Setup


ClearGate Virtual terminal users can use the customer interface to save customer’s card/ACH information and billing and shipping addresses for future retrieval and reference.  

Add General Merchant info directly through the Add Customer Screen!

  • From the Top menu, mouse over Customers and choose Add Customer.
  • Enter in the first/last name/business/contact/billing/shipping addresses and click on Save Changes
  • This merchant will now be in the system, and  now you will be able to add  a payment method:
  • Access the Customers list from the top menu: Customers > All Customers, and click on the customer’s name. There is a section called Payments:, click on the link for Process New Card Not Present (Keyed) or Process New Card Present Payment ( Chip or Swipe) and it will take you to the sales screen with the customer information already filled out! For Billing/Shipping Addresses, the saved suggestions will be loaded into the drop down box, so make sure you select from there (The reason those are not auto-filled in, is due to the ability to have multiple Billing and Shipping Addresses entered.

Add a Customer via  Add Recurring  Bill

 Adding new Recurring Bill will automatically create customer profile!

  • Enter the required transaction information as shown in Transaction Recurring Billing.
  • After entering transaction details, there is space to enter a customer’s information.
  • Enter the information you want to keep track of.
  • General Customer info fields available:
  • First/Last Name
  • Phone and Extension (can also choose Mobile/Home/Work)
  • Email address and website
  • Job Title
  • Addresses
  • Billing Address – If running as Manual Entry, you will need to enter Billing Information, due to CVV!
  • Shipping Address – You can select Save as Billing via the drop down box, or enter a new address!

Edit Existing Customer

From the Top menu, mouse over Customers and click All Customers. From the customer list, select the customer you want you edit, and click on it.

You have the ability to edit contact information, Payments (Add/Process), billing/shipping addresses, view/edit/delete recurring bills, and view customer history! When done with any changes you need to make, make sure to click on Save Changes!