Level 2 Data

If you would like Level 2 data to be sent with Visa, Mastercard and American Express transaction. Level 2 data is not supported by Discover 


check the box here.

Level 2 Data explanation:

Level 2 credit card processing refers to a more detailed transaction supported by the Visa, MasterCard and American Express networks and designed to support business-to-business (B2B) payment processing. Many businesses and government offices require that their vendors accept detailed transactional information along with the sale. In addition to simplifying the B2B transactions, Level 2 data is passed through to merchant and cardholder statements, making it simpler to identify transactions and reconcile statements.  As an added bonus, by providing this extra information, Visa & MasterCard recognize that the sale is more likely to be legitimate and less likely to be contested, therefore qualifying these transactions for lower interchange categories. Common rate reductions are around 0.50% compared to a typical B2C transaction. In order to benefit from Level 2 data, you’ll be required to input the below data fields with each transaction.

When enabled, additional Level 2 data fields will populate in the second section of the sale screen following the input of the payment method, and specific fields will vary based on the card brand being charged.  In order for a transaction to qualify for level 2 interchange discounts, all fields must be completed.  

Example of MasterCard and Visa Level 2 data:


Example of American Express Level 2 data:

  • Purchase Order Number-  Field that passes along the PO Number along with card data.  Helpful for reconciliation.
  • Tax Status-  Exempt/Non-Exempt.
  • Tax Amount- If transaction is not tax exempt, this field will appear and prompt you for the sales tax amount.

Please Note

Level 2 tax fields are for informational and reporting purposes only, and not added to sale amount. Please make sure all tax items are included in the total sale amount in first section of the sale screen.

  • Supplier Reference Number- Invoice Number.
  • Cardholder Reference Number- Cardholder defined, often Purchase Order (PO) Number.
  • Shipped to ZIP Code-  For tax reporting.
  • Sales Tax-  Sends as a separate line item, helpful for reconciliation.
  • Charge Descriptor- Optional free-form text field used to provide further information about the charge associated with the order.
  • Requester Name-  Name of person who is being billed.
  • Total Tax Amount- If you have additional tax items in addition to Sales Tax, put the sum of all tax items here.  Otherwise, place the Sales Tax amount in this field as well.