Process Chip Transaction


1. Click Process a Card button from the main navigation bar.



2. Click on Terminal and select the EMV device that you want to process transaction on.


  • Once terminal is selected and you have successful transaction that terminal will be the default terminal next time you log in.



3.  Click on Transaction Type to change from default Sale to Auth (Authorization Only)     


  • If you need to process Returns or Forced (Offline) transactions you must Switch to Manual Entry. These transaction types are not support from the EMV device and must be manually entered.




4. Enter transaction amount and other additional Customer data.


  • Customer name cannot be entered manually. Name will be read when card is inserted or read from EMV Device






5. After all additional data in entered please click Process Transaction in the Top Right.


  1. You will see a processing  message on your screen and the emv device will ask you to Insert/Swipe Card Please confirm Total Amount on EMV Device.
  2. The emv device will communicate for approval and display the approved or failed receipt page.