Terminal Settings


The Terminal Settings Panel allows admin users to configure and personalize their Virtual Terminal.  From this page, you can access settings for Level 2 Data, customer name,  auto email receipts, Terminal Nicknames and Auto-Batch Times, as well as email notification settings for batches.



Terminal and Batch Settings

Nicknames for your Virtual Terminal and applicable API Integrations.  If you use a 3rd Party-Software and process via an API Integration, you can differentiate your VT account and API accounts with Nicknames here. For further information on API access, please contact ClearGate.

Auto-Batch time(s)-  To Enable auto-batching, check the box for the terminal you want to configure (VT and API are separate) then set the time you want the batch to close at every day


Batch Report Notifications

Here you can designate recipients for successful and failed batch closure email notifications.