Reports can be viewed in Standard or Refined/Custom. Standard reports are pre-configured with hard-coded configurations, where refined reports layer custom configurations on top of Standard Reports

Standard Reports

  • Current Batch
  • Unfilled Orders
  • Transactions Last 60 days
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Current Month
  • Last Month
  • Current Month Last Year
  • All Accounts
  • Delinquent
  • Paused
  • All Batches

Clicking any of these options from the Home tab will generate an instant report with the appropriate information. These are simply quick Shortcuts, and you can further narrow down your metrics by clicking Refine.

Custom Reports


When Refine is clicked you will see the refine window come up where you can further configure specific search criteria within the standard report. Configure your specified search criteria and select Submit to display updated results below the refine window.


You can also save and name the custom report by clicking Save and then naming the report and clicking Save.  For future use, you can access your saved custom reports via the Home tab under Custom Reports.


To modify custom reports, run the report you wish to modify via the Home tab under Custom Reports.  Once the report is returned, click Refine.  From here, you can modify your refined metrics and click Save.  (Please Note- This will save as a new custom report item, and will not replace the initial report)


To delete custom reports, follow the steps above, but click Delete instead of Save.  A dialogue box will pop-up and ask you to confirm the deletion, click OK.



To export, run the report you wish to export via the Home tab under Custom Reports or Standard Reports.  Locate the Export drop-down midway down the page at the top of your transaction listing. Select:

.csv (Comma Separated Values) which utilizes plain-text formatting, and is often used for export/import of data between various software platforms.

Excel for a report that is in an editable Excel format.

PDF (Portable Document Format) which is a print-optimized report that is not directly editable.