Void or Refund a Sale

Void or Refund a Sale

  1. Locate the transaction you wish to void/refund.  Transactions can be located via the search bar, a batch (access transaction list by clicking BatchID), or standard/custom report configured with metrics that include the transaction.
  2. If found in a listing, you can click on the TransID in the left column to expand for more detail, and then click the Void or Refund button at near the top of the page
    You can click the Void or Refund option in the function column.
  3. When you select Void, the void request will be sent, and you will see the Processing logo appear. (You can only Void if batch has not been closed)
  4. When you select Refund, you will be asked to confirm the refund via a pop-up. Click on Refund. You will then see the Processing logo appear.
  5. After the Void or Refund is submitted, you will be taken to the updated Transaction Details page, showing that the transaction was successfully Voided or Refunded.

Partial Refunds 

If a situation arises where you need to issue a partial refund (i.e. customer returns one item from a sale of numerous), this is how to achieve that-

  1. Upon clicking Refund,  you will see an amount field.
  2. Leave blank for a refund of the entire transaction, or enter your custom amount to achieve a partial refund. (Please note- the custom refund amount cannot exceed the initial sale amount.  For example- a $100 sale cannot have a custom refund amount of $120)
  3. Click Refund

Void vs. Refund

They perform nearly the same function of returning funds to a cardholder, and are achieved by following the same steps, but they are differentiated by the time at which they occur.


A Void occurs when the batch containing the transaction is in question is still open, and simply cancels the authorization placed on the card.  At this stage (typically on the same day the transaction was initiated), the funds are still in the cardholder’s account but are held as “pending.”  A void halts the final collection of funds when the batch is closed.  Cardholder will have no record of the transaction on their bank statement.


A Refund occurs after a batch is closed, and the funds have been collected by the merchant.  Unlike a void, which simply cancels the original transaction, this creates a new transaction.  The cardholder will see a debit, and then a credit on their bank statement.