User Roles & Permissions

Currently offering two user roles, view the permissions of each role below.

1. Admin

    • When a new company is registered with the app, that user becomes the Admin and has access to all extra screens in the menu, including:
      • Company information
      • Adding/deleting Employees (i.e., other users) to the company
      • Master lists for Services and Materials, including editing and deleting
      • An extra option to "Apply to Accept Cards," which is an application request for merchant services (i.e., using ClearGate's secure gateway to process card payments)


    • Admins also have a unique dashboard view on the Home screen, which includes a summary of the number and total amounts of all invoices, in categories of "paid" and "unpaid."


2. Employee

    • All users are invited as Employees by default, unless the original Admin grants Admin access to a specific employee.
    • Employees:
      • Do NOT have access to: The running total that the company has made in paid/unpaid invoices (located on the HOME screen)
      • Cannot change Company Information
      • Cannot add other Employees/users
      • Cannot delete Services or Materials from the Master List (they are only able to add them)
      • Cannot request a merchant services application
home-dashboard-for-employee     menu-for-an-employee